Product Updates: May 2023

Product Updates: May 2023

Visit our documentation to learn more about existing features and how you can start building with walletOS today.

Asset & Blockchain Support

  • Added Fantom and Band Protocol support.

See our docs for the latest list of assets and blockchains supported. Reach out to us directly if a CSV file is preferred.



We reinvested a significant amount of our effort last month into our testing harness to make it more robust on all the networks we support. Our testing harness delivers three results:

  1. We can build with correctness in-mind for all of our blockchain integrations.
  2. We can develop blockchain and asset integrations much more quickly.
  3. Our clients will soon be able to have the ability to see which endpoints are supported at a blockchain resolution.


We started to develop indexes for all our supported networks in order to reduce latency for balance fetching. In the near future, clients will be able easily stream events to detect deposits and withdrawals for transactions built with walletOS. We currently support an index for Bitcoin.

User Defined Fees

Previously, walletOS made default decisions on what fee strategy to use for transactions. Based on user feedback, we added support for setting a fee strategy for transfers. We will be extending support for fee strategies by providing endpoints to calculate optimal fee amounts and rates based on anticipated block inclusion time.

Fixes & Minor Changes