Product Updates

Product Updates

Visit our documentation to learn more about existing features and how you can start building with walletOS today.

Asset & Blockchain Support

  • Added Flow, Base, BNB Smart Chain, Agoric, and Neutron. Staking is supported for Flow, Agoric, and Neutron.

See our docs for the latest list of assets and blockchains supported. Reach out to us directly if a CSV file is preferred.



Users can now set user-defined fee amounts when using transfer. The provided amount will be treated as a maximum fee that can be attached to the transaction when it is built. Engineers can fetch a fee amount using explain and later commit to that fee amount when they are ready to assemble their transaction.


Staking support continues to be a large focus as we have seen more end-users demand staking capabilities to be a center-piece of their product.

  • Added partial undelegation to Solana to allow users to unstake a portion of their principle. 
  • Added support for split staking allowing delegators to stake to additional validators.
  • Added the ability to undelegate and withdraw funds on Fantom.
  • Users can now see which tokens have staking support with walletOS in the token_details response.
  • Users can query for staking and non-compounding reward balances using get_staked_balance

Users will soon be able to query for a uniform set of staking rules using walletOS. This will allow engineers to programmatically manage bonding periods as well as present this information to end-users.

Arbitrary Tokens

Our token_details endpoint is extended to provide support for arbitrary ERC20 on EVM networks, SPL tokens on Solana, and Flow tokens.


Example Tokens

Fixes & Minor Changes

  • Significantly improved latency for balance and transaction fetching for UTXO and EVM chains.
  • broadcast now returns transaction IDs on failures
  • On-premise walletOS users can set custom network finality rules for EVM-based networks using their settings.toml configuration.
  • Added claim_rewards to cosmos-based networks.