Adding Flow, Base, BNB Smartchain, Agoric, and Neutron to walletOS

Adding Flow, Base, BNB Smartchain, Agoric, and Neutron to walletOS

At Pine Street Labs, we’re always working to empower blockchain developers by giving them the leverage they need to focus on their core product without having to worry about network integrations. That’s why we’re excited to have added Flow, Base, BNB Smart Chain, Neutron, and Agoric to walletOS!

Building amazing crypto products can be incredibly taxing on developers as each blockchain has a unique set of properties that need to be accounted for, making integrations time-consuming and burdensome. To add to these issues, building wallet libraries and indexers in-house for each network can take away from the things that make your product unique.

With the addition of Flow, Base, BNB Smart Chain, Agoric, and Neutron, walletOS is taking another step forward in helping developers do more with less by reducing engineering costs and time-to-market.

What does this mean for users?

Keeping up with user demands can be tough, especially for lean teams that struggle with having to balance responding to their users’ needs quickly and allocating their resources efficiently. walletOS is designed to alleviate this by simplifying the integration of a wide range of blockchains with crypto products using a unified API, offering product teams a streamlined path to build and deploy features and functionalities across 25 supported chains and counting. 

With the addition of these five networks to our list of supported chains, end users of products that use walletOS can now enjoy a wide range of functionalities on these chains, including:

  1. Basic wallet operations, such as sending and receiving tokens or managing their digital assets.
  2. Staking functionality. This feature empowers crypto enthusiasts to participate in securing blockchain networks and earning rewards, all within your product.
  3. Easy access to blockchain data within your product, gaining insights into their assets, transactions, and the wider crypto landscape.

How can developers integrate their product with Flow, Base, BNB Smart Chain, Agoric, and Neutron?

walletOS streamlines the development of blockchain-integrated products by offering a developer-friendly API with clearly defined endpoints for handling on-chain transactions. Developers only have to learn walletOS’s API schema once to integrate all of our supported chains.

Whether you’re working with Flow, Base, BNB Smart Chain, Neutron, Agoric, or any other blockchain on our list, developers will find the process straightforward — once you’ve integrated with one chain you’ve integrated with them all.

Build with walletOS

walletOS has a strong track record of simplifying the development of crypto products for organizations of all sizes. With the inclusion of Flow, Base, BNB Smart Chain, Agoric, and Neutron we're putting developers first by enhancing the capabilities of the product teams that build using walletOS. 

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