Launch Staking APIs with walletOS

Use walletOS to launch a staking API or add staking to your product.

Launch Staking APIs with walletOS

Staking is fundamental to the security of many blockchains and participation in staking is quickly becoming commonplace for experienced and new users alike. It comes as no surprise that developers and product managers recognize its potential to drive growth for their applications and businesses.

This is especially true for Validator-as-a-Service companies, who run validator node infrastructure on behalf of users who wish to contribute to securing a network. Today, many Validator-as-a-Service companies rely on their users to form delegation transactions themselves in order to get more tokens staking with their infrastructure.

There is an obvious and often expensive bottleneck that arises once that initial market demand has been met: How do you work with interested prospects who cannot form their own staking transactions, especially if those users are high-value enterprises?

Leveraging APIs

We’ve started to see an answer to this question with the advent of staking APIs. Staking APIs build staking transactions for multiple different blockchains while abstracting away the chain-specific details for developers. In other words, a developer can integrate with a single API to build valid staking transactions for many blockchains, without having to know chain specific details.

Developing a staking API, however, does require that deep understanding of chain specific details. Between the engineering resources, the protocol research, indexing, and the proper API design required, developing a staking API in-house is expensive in terms of time, money, and opportunity cost.

The good news is we’re here to help.

walletOS and Staking

walletOS is an API that builds transactions and fetches data across 20 different blockchains. The API is unified, meaning developers using the product don’t need to manage chain-specific edge cases when implementing and using it. Endpoint usage is consistent across the chains walletOS supports. All you need to do is learn the API schema and integrate the product, and you can hit the ground running with your application without worrying about how Ethereum is different from Cosmos or Solana.  

walletOS supports multiple forms of staking transactions: validator creation, delegation, undelegation, and claiming rewards. We know that you need to give your users insight into their staking activity in addition to creating transactions for them, so we also provide an endpoint to get a balance of staked assets for a given address to surface reward data to your users.

walletOS is an off-the-shelf solution that cuts out the need to go back and forth on details, such as resource allocation, time-to-market, and the tradeoffs that come with developing the product in-house. You can instead white label walletOS as your staking API to get to market and focus on the important part: delivering a well-rounded product and great service to your customers.

How it Works

Using walletOS for staking is simple. You provide relevant business logic in your request, and walletOS will transform that into valid messages on the appropriate network. Let’s run through an example where we delegate ATOM on Cosmos:

You’ll need the following information to create your request:

  • The token you’re delegating. In this case, Atom
  • Amount of tokens
  • Address you're delegating from
  • Validator address you're delegating to

You then get an unsigned transaction in return that represents the action you’re looking to make along with the relevant data and signing instructions you need to create a signature for the transaction.

Importantly, this interface is consistent across all supported networks. Here is a request/response example for delegation on Solana to illustrate that:

Custom logic is not required chain to chain. All of our staking-related endpoints work with uniformity across our growing list of supported networks.

Customize your walletOS Instance

We recognize that different companies have different considerations when developing their products, so we’ve made it easy for users to access walletOS however they want when it comes to deployment.

Users can access walletOS via the cloud, where we provide RPC nodes for easy broadcasting with uptime SLAs. If you’d like to control your infrastructure, we can deploy walletOS on premises so that you can run the software within your own environment.

Moreover, we will help you mirror our documentation so that you can provide branded documentation to the users of your staking API powered by walletOS.

When it comes to using walletOS to launch a staking API, you get to decide how you use it to best fit the specific considerations of your business.

Expand Your Horizons With walletOS

Staking providers have an opportunity to address a larger market with staking APIs, and we’re here to help you do that in the most efficient way possible.

Curious about how walletOS can accelerate the launch of your staking API? Book your demo today.