Product Updates: April 2023

Product Updates: April 2023

Visit our documentation to learn more about existing features and how you can start building with walletOS today.

Asset & Blockchain Support

  • Added Evmos to our Sandbox.
  • Support for transferring ERC20s on Avalanche's C-Chain.

See our docs for the latest list of assets and blockchains supported. Reach out to us directly if a CSV file is preferred.


Get All Token Balances

We made it easier to fetch token balances for all the assets we support with a single API call. Calling get_token_balances will return a list of token balances for any given address on a blockchain we support.

Listing Transactions

We made it easier to fetch incoming and outgoing transactions by extending support for list_transactions across all the chains that we support.

Fetch Token Details

Call token_details to fetch the contract addresses, asset names,  supported EC curves for proving ownership, and other useful details for any token we support.

Fixes & Minor Changes

  • Previously, we added a Bytes type to signatures allowing users to pass either a byte array or a hex-encoded string for ECDSA signatures. We added this same functionality to EDDSA signatures.