Product Updates: March 2023

Product Updates: March 2023

Visit our documentation to learn more about existing features and how you can start building with walletOS today.

Asset & Blockchain Support

  • Support for Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.
  • Support for Solana's SPL token standard.
  • Juno’s testnet environment has changed from uni-5 to uni-6.
  • Added ~500 ERC20 and SPL tokens across EVM and Solana networks

See our docs for the latest list of assets and blockchains supported. Reach out to us directly if a CSV file is preferred.


Delegated Staking

Delegating staking is available on NEAR protocol. Users can now create transactions to delegate and undelegate to staking pools. The NEAR protocol does not support delegated staking at the protocol level, but participating validators can deploy their own construct to attract delegators.

User Amounts

Call parse_user_amount to parse a human readable amount like “1 ethereum.goerli.eth” to its lowest denominated unit. This is useful for parsing native and non-native asset amounts in order to safely transfer and stake.

Detect Deposits & Withdrawals

Use get_many_balances to efficiently poll for new balance changes for a list of addresses.

Understand Transactions Before Signing

A new beta endpoint called explain_transaction helps signers understand the full effects of their transactions before signing. This endpoint is uniform across all networks and provides insight into any value changes for addresses and amount of network fees paid. At this moment, this is a best-effort endpoint which means that the effects are not meant to be fully exhuastive. Users can provide a transaction created by walletOS or outside of it.

Fetch Network Fees

Users can call get_network_fee to fetch both base and priority network fees for a given network.

Byte Inputs for Signatures

Previously, we added a Bytes type to the API allowing users to use either arrays or hex-encoded strings for inputs that requires bytes. We extended this support to cover signature types.

Query for non-native Assets

Users can use get_balance to query for non-native assets like ERC-20s.