Product Updates: 2/1/23 – 2/15/23

Updates to walletOS from 2.1.23-2.15.23

Product Updates: 2/1/23 – 2/15/23

Trailing 15 days from February 15th, 2023

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walletOS Updates

Create Validators

Most Proof of Stake networks require validators to register their nodes on the blockchain via an onchain transaction. Now you can programmatically create Validators for Ethereum, Solana, Near, Cosmos, and Avalanche’s P-Chain, making it easier to launch staking products.

Delegated Staking

Delegating staking is available on Solana and Avalanche.

Transfer on Avalanche

Transferring on  Avalanche is now available for the Fuji testnet. walletOS supports all three VMs including X-Chain, P-Chain, and C-Chain, making it easy to embed full Avalanche support into your product

Transaction Finalization

Users can now query for additional information on a transaction after it has been broadcast, including block inclusion information and whether the transaction can be considered final.

Byte Inputs

We added a Bytes type to the API allowing users to use either arrays or hex-encoded strings for inputs that requires bytes.

List Transactions

Fetch a list of transactions for a blockchain address. This is helpful for fetching chain state for a list of wallets.

Coming Soon

  • Delegate on NEAR.
  • Query for non-native token balances on a blockchain, including ERC-20s.
  • Efficiently detect deposits and withdrawals for a list of addresses using a poll-based method.
  • walletOS provides sane defaults for gas fees when creating on-chain transactions. Users will be able to override the default fee.
  • walletOS currently helps signers gain visibility into a transaction before signing by parsing a transaction. We will be extending this functionality to show any flow-of-funds and transaction semantics agnostic of the chain so that signers can continue to use advanced signing policies with walletOS.

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