Network Update Highlights, 11.11.22

Network Update Highlights, 11.11.22

The Pine Street Labs team monitors blockchain networks for code changes, network upgrades, and security fixes. The aim of this research is to ensure safety and limited downtime for on-chain users across the ecosystem.

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How To Use This Tracker

This blog post provides an overview of the updates that have been made over the past week, with a particular emphasis on changes relevant to wallet operations.

Under each network header, releases are formatted as follows:

<Link to full release> (release date)
- Release highlight 1
- Release highlight 2
- ...

Note: Prerelease updates will be marked as "prerelease" between the link to the full release and the release date


Banff.2 - Additional BLS Support (11/4)

  • Add BLS proof of possession to platform.getCurrentValidators and platform.getPendingValidators (commit)
  • Add BLS Key to staker object (commit)


Cardano Node 1.35.4 (11/7)

  • Adds support for the use of secp256k1 elliptic curves
  • Breaking Change: All txs created with the CLI are created in the Babbage ledger era format if --<ledger-era>-era is not passed as an option
  • Known Issue: Shelley ledger era Tx body in CDDL format is not supported by some CLI commands (more on that here, it affects the ability to sign or calculate min fee for Shelley-formatted Tx bodies)


Cosmos SDK v0.45.11 (11/9)

  • API Breaking Change: The GetFromFields function now takes Context as an argument and removes genOnly (file changes here)

ibc-go updates for v2-v5 (11/6 - 11/9)

  • Sequence number of the packet sent has been added to MsgTransferResponse
  • An optional memo field has been added to FungibleTokenPacketData. Token transfers that include a non-empty memo field will fail if the receiver chain isn't running an ibc-go version that also supports the memo field.

ibc-go v6.0.0-beta1 prerelease (11/9)

  • Backwards-compatible improvements to interchain accounts
  • The public sendTransfer function has been removed in favor of a private sendTransfer function. All IBC transfers must be initiated with MsgTransfer. Commit here


Evmos v10.0.0-rc1 prerelease (11/4)


Osmosis v12.2.1 (11/7)

  • Minor bug fixes, non-breaking


Polkadot v0.9.32 (11/8)

  • Low priority release, only bug fixes.

jsonrpsee v0.16.0 (11/10)

  • The server now supports WS and HTTP on the same socket
  • Improvements to the client batch request API
  • The server now adds a tracing span for each connection to distinguish logs per connection.