Network Update Highlights, 12.9.22

Network Update Highlights, 12.9.22

The Pine Street Labs team monitors blockchain networks for code changes, network upgrades, and security fixes. The aim of this research is to ensure safety and limited downtime for on-chain users across the ecosystem.

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How To Use This Tracker

This blog post provides an overview of the updates that have been made over the past week, with a particular emphasis on changes relevant to wallet operations.

Under each network header, releases are formatted as follows:

<Link to full release> (release date)
- Release highlight 1
- Release highlight 2
- ...

Note: Prerelease updates will be marked as "prerelease" between the link to the full release and the release date


Cosmos SDK v0.47.0-alpha2 prerelease (12/6)

  • Querying with id (int64) in AccountAddressById grpc query now throws an error, use account-id (uint64) instead.
  • Don't re-tally proposal after voting periods end if they have been maked as ACCEPTED or REJECTED.
  • Migrate group policy account from module accounts to base account.

Rosetta v0.2.0 (12/6)

  • Allows Rosetta to be installed as a standalone application.
  • Adds openapi specification.


Ethermint v0.20.0-rc3 prerelease (12/2)

  • Implements modular interface for the EVM. Read more about this here. This is a state machine breaking change.
  • Adds support for an array of type Any on EIP-712. This is a state machine breaking change.
  • Adds support for messages with optional types omitted on EIP-712. This is a state machine breaking change.
  • Deprecates support for legacy EIP-712 signature verification via the AnteHandler decorator. This is an API breaking change.
  • Adds support for EVM RPC metrics.
  • Adds multisig Tx support.
  • Refactor EIP-712 signature verification to support EIP-712 multi-signing.


Osmosis v13.1.0 (12/5)

  • Add stableswap pools.
  • Add IBC rate limiting, as defined by governance.
  • Add Cross Chain Cosmwasm contracts.
  • Force-unlock: Governance may specify addresses to allow instant unlock of bonded liquidity, enabling usecases such as liquidation of bonded pools used for collateral.


Banff.4 - VM BLS Access (12/7)

  • Added TxID mappings to the gossip tracker.
  • Added BLS public key and TxID fields to validators.Validator
  • Added optional methods to build and verify blocks at a specific P-chain block height.
  • Added configurable Tx indexing to coreth.