Network Update Highlights 12.30.22

Network Update Highlights 12.30.22

The Pine Street Labs team monitors blockchain networks for code changes, network upgrades, and security fixes. The aim of this research is to ensure safety and limited downtime for on-chain users across the ecosystem.

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How To Use This Tracker

This blog post provides an overview of the updates that have been made over the past week, with a particular emphasis on changes relevant to wallet operations.

Under each network header, releases are formatted as follows:

<Link to full release> (release date)
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Note: Prerelease updates will be marked as "prerelease" between the link to the full release and the release date

Axelar v0.29.1 (12/23)

  • Fixes an issue where vald would stall on RPC errors that caused one of its processes to fail. vald will now crash instead of stalling, which allows the system to auto-restart it. vald is responsible for listening to events on Axelar and verifying events on EVM chains.
  • Fixes an issue where vald broadcasts would time out.


Ethermint v0.20.0 (12/28)

  • Refactors the EVM module to support custom stateless precompiled contracts by wrapping the go-ethereum EVM into an interface. This is the first step toward supporting modular EVM implementations with stateful precompiles.
  • Applies the feemarket to native cosmos transactions, which adds a transaction extension option for a user to provide a tip price and applies the feemarket's base fee to native transactions. If the London hard fork is not enabled, it falls back to default sdk logic.
  • Adds support for sdk.Dec and ed25519 on eip712 to support the MsgCreateValidator message.
  • Deprecates support for the legacy EIP-712 signature verification implementation, the new EIP-712 signature verification process includes signatures in the body.
  • Sets the mempool priority of EVM transactions according to the EIP-1559 spec.
  • Adds the Shanghai and Cancun hard fork blocks to the ChainConfig.
  • Adds a Ledger preprocessing transaction hook for EIP-712 signed Cosmos Payloads. This is needed to format EIP-712 transactions for verification.
  • Adds support for EVM RPC metrics, similar to the metrics exposed in go-ethereum. This includes request duration, count of successful calls, count of failed calls, and the rpc request calls.
  • Adds multisig tx support. Specifically, this update added the required logic to support multi-signature transactions using ethsecp256k1.PubKey public keys.
  • Refactors EIP-712 signature verification to enable multi-signing with EIP-712 for Ledger and other Ethereum wallets.
  • Fixes the call to newMnemonic in personal_newAccount by adding a missing internal parameter.

Evmos v10.0.0 (12/28)

  • Bumps Ethermint version to v0.20.0.
  • Bumps ibc-go version to v5.2.0.
  • Adds Amino encoding support to the vesting module for EIP-712 signing. EIP-712 defines a standard for the hashing and signing of typed structured data, instead of only bytestrings.
  • Removes validator commission AnteHandler decorator and replaces it with the new MinCommissionRate staking parameter. The minimum commission rate for validators is now 5%.
  • Adds support for registering multiple assets on RegisterCoinProposal and RegisterERC20Proposal. These are governance content message types to register token pairs for Cosmos coins and ERC20 tokens, respectively.
  • Adds a wrapper for ICS-20 transfer that automatically converts outgoing IBC transfers of ERC-20 tokens to their native Cosmos denominations using the erc20 module.
  • Updates Ledger supported algorithms to consist of EthSecp256k1 instead of the Cosmos SDK secp256k1 algorithm.