Network Update Highlights, 12.16.22

Network Update Highlights, 12.16.22

The Pine Street Labs team monitors blockchain networks for code changes, network upgrades, and security fixes. The aim of this research is to ensure safety and limited downtime for on-chain users across the ecosystem.

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How To Use This Tracker

This blog post provides an overview of the updates that have been made over the past week, with a particular emphasis on changes relevant to wallet operations.

Under each network header, releases are formatted as follows:

<Link to full release> (release date)
- Release highlight 1
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- ...

Note: Prerelease updates will be marked as "prerelease" between the link to the full release and the release date


Cosmos SDK v0.46.7 (12/13)

  • Upgrade to Tendermint v0.34.24.
  • Fixes a critical vulnerability in the group module. Proposals were being re-tallied after the voting period ended, even if they had been marked as ACCEPTED or REJECTED. Cosmos SDK v0.46.5 and v0.46.6 have been retracted for safety. Chains that use the group module should upgrade to v0.46.7 immediately.
  • Fixes an issue with the gov module’s votes migration. This issue did not affect proposals or vote tallying, but gRPC queries on votes are incorrect. Chains using Cosmos SDK version <= v0.56 should use v0.46.7 when upgrading. Chains already using v0.46 require a coordinated upgrade, which can be done using the helper function govv046.Migrate_V046_6_To_V046_7.

ibc-go v6.0.0 (12/9)

  • Bumps Cosmos SDK to v0.46.6.
  • The public SendTransfer function has been removed in favor of a private sendTransfer function. All IBC transfers must now be initiated with MsgTransfer, which can be found here.
  • An optional memo field has been added to FungibleTokenPacketData and MsgTransfer. This allows arbitrary data to be passed in as a string along with ibc token transfers (e.g., number of decimal places, ticker symbols, and logos). Token transfers that include a non-empty memo field will fail if the receiver chain is not running a version of ibc-go that also supports the memo field. Refer to this blog post for more information.
  • A new MsgServer (which can be found here) has been added to the controller submodule that exposes two RPC endpoints: RegisterInterchainAccount and SendTx. Corresponding CLI commands have also been added.
  • The default for the host param allow_messages has changed to allow host messages of all typeURLs to execute on the host chain.


evmos v10.0.0-rc2 prerelease (12/9)

  • Bumps Ethermint version to v0.20.0-rc4.
  • Add Amino encoding support to the vesting module for EIP-712 signing. EIP-712 defines a standard for the hashing and signing of typed structured data, instead of only byte strings.
  • Adds support for registering multiple assets on RegisterCoinProposal and RegisterERC20Proposal. These are governance content message types to register token pairs for Cosmos coins and ERC20 tokens, respectively.
  • Adds a wrapper for ICS-20 transfer that automatically converts outgoing IBC transfers of ERC-20 tokens to their native Cosmos denominations using the erc20 module.


stargaze v8.0.0 (12/11)

  • Includes two new message types for interchain accounts that were not present in v7, MsgTransfer and MsgVoteWeighted. These message types enable IBC transfers and weighted governance votes, respectively.
  • Adds an ante handler decorator that requires a minimum deposit of 1,000 STARS. An ante handler is a cosmos-sdk concept that handles pre message execution checks when a message is received. Governance proposals now require a 1,000 STARS deposit to prevent spam proposals.


aptos-node-v1.1.0 (12/14)