Network Update Highlights 1.13.23

Network Update Highlights 1.13.23

The Pine Street Labs team monitors blockchain networks for code changes, network upgrades, and security fixes. The aim of this research is to ensure safety and limited downtime for on-chain users across the ecosystem.

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How To Use This Tracker

This blog post provides an overview of the updates that have been made over the past week, with a particular emphasis on changes relevant to wallet operations.

Under each network header, releases are formatted as follows:

<Link to full release> (release date)
- Release highlight 1
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Note: Prerelease updates will be marked as "prerelease" between the link to the full release and the release date


Testnet v1.14.12 (1/11)

  • Adds support for the caching of recent PrioritizationFees in a PrioritizationFeeCache to help users estimate gas. A PrioritizationFee contains a block’s minimum transaction fee and the minimum fee for each writable account in all transactions in the block.
  • Adds a getRecentPrioritizationFees RPC endpoint that returns the PrioritizationFee data for all recent slots in the prioritization fee cache. This data will allow a user to better estimate the minimum compute-unit price their transaction will need in order to be included in a block.


Persistence v6.1.0 (1/12)

  • An emergency patch that updates the pstake native module from v1.3.1 to v1.4.0, allowing stkATOM (ATOM liquid staking) to launch. The pstake native module update was supposed to take place in the update to v6.0.0, but failed to run correctly.


Gaia v8.0.0. rc1 prerelease

  • This is the second release candidate in preparation for the Rho upgrade
  • Adds a globalfee module. Global fees are the fees that each transaction incurs, the specific global fee for a network is set by a governance vote.
  • Adds E2E tests covering a variety of modules including the Bank, Distribution, Encode, Evidence, FeeGrant, Global Fee, Gov, IBC, Slashing, Staking, and Vesting modules.

SDK 0.47.0 rc1 prerelease

  • Upgrades tendermint to v0.37.0, with the notable introduction of ABCI 1.0, which gives applications more fine-grained control over transactions and block validation and also makes it possible for applications to execute certain independent transactions in parallel. You can read more about ABCI 1.0 here.
  • ABCI 1.0 is now supported in the SDK, which allows chains to set their own mempool implementations. This also adds support for the new PrepareProposal and ProcessProposal ABCI methods, which support the increased level of app control over transactions and block validation, respectively.
  • The x/params module is deprecated, module params are now handled directly by the modules themselves with the message MsgUpdateParams. All core modules have migrated away from x/params, it is recommended that custom modules do the same.
  • Migrates from gogo/protobuf to cosmos/gogoproto, a fork of gog/protobuf that is maintained by the Cosmos SDK team. It is now recommended to use the image (version >= 0.11.2) for generating protobuf files.
  • App Wiring is ready for testing. This feature replaces the current app.go code with a system based on dependency injection and declarative app configurations, which allows developers to build a chain with less boilerplate. Manually wiring an app is still possible and will always be supported.


Aptos CLI v1.0.4 (1/12)

  • Adds the ability to set an expiration time for a transaction with the --expiration-secs flag

Mainnet hotfix v1.1.1 (1/10)

  • A security hotfix, the source code is currently not released.